Joules Kids Rain Boots Spring Line

Spring is here! With Spring comes rainy days, splashing in mud puddles, playing in the creek, and helping in the garden. One item that I believe every child needs during this weather( especially for us folks in Kentucky) is a pair of rain boots, or wellies as they are called in Britain. Joules Kids is a popular British based clothing brand. They are very well known for their color and styles, and rightfully so. They have expanded into the US which is awesome because they have some well made, very unique styles for both boys and girls!

Joules boys kid rain boots photo

Celebrate National Day of Unplugging March 7th,2014: Here Are 10 Things To Do With Your Kids

These days you would have a difficult time finding someone without a smart phone or device in their hands most of the time. This is not limited to adults and teenagers. Kids as young as 2 are now using smart devices such as the iPad several hours per day. To celebrate the National Day of Unplugging – sundown March 7th, 2014  to sundown March 8th, 2014, we are sharing with you ten things to do with your kids. You could do 1 or you could do 3 or 4 of the ideas we have below. The idea is to reconnect with real life and do something hands on!

Pledge to put down the technology ( iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android device, laptop,computer,even the TV, etc.)  and unplug for just 24 hours. See what a huge difference it makes when you are not interrupted by technology. After this, maybe you will be more likely to “unplug” once a month for your family. I think we will!

Dr. Seuss Craft: The Lorax Truffula Tree Paper Plate Craft

We love The Lorax (Classic Seuss) We have a ton of Dr. Seuss books but unfortunately The Lorax is missing from our little library. Luckily, we do have the movie, and it’s one of those fun inspiring movies you can watch over and over with your kids.

Today in honor of Dr. Seuss week/his birthday, we decided to create a cute Truffula tree scene craft on a paper plate. This is also a great Earth Day craft idea to do with your kids. Below you will find all the supplies you will need and some simple instructions on how to create your craft. I have also included photos of our craft for reference.

Truffula Tree Paper Craft Photo

Kids Valentine’s Day Craft: Paperbag Love Cow!

Since all things love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is only a couple of days away we created yet another cute little Valentine-themed craft during our homeschool craft time yesterday. This one is really easy to create. It’s easy enough for preschoolers up to school age. It’s our little valentine paper bag “love” cow! Craft directions and a list of all supplies you will need are posted below! Happy crafting!

Valentine cow craft how to

Easy Valentine’s Day Craft: Homemade Heart Butterfly Blowpop Card

Last year we made these Lips & Flowers blow pop valentine cards so this year we decided to try out another homemade idea. We decided on a glittery heart-shaped butterfly card. Below you will find photos and all the supplies you will need to make this craft. These double as homemade Valentine’s Day cards that your kids can give to their friends, classmates, and family. Furthermore, you can personalize each one with different greetings  and different colors. You probably already have all the supplies you need lying around your home. The only thing you will need to purchase are Blowpops or actually any type of sucker will work. We just love Blowpop lollipops so we tend to use them more.

heart shaped butterfly blowpop valentine cards

Moon & Stars Themed Paper Plate Craft + 3 Bedtime Themed Kids Books

My youngest child is fascinated with all things moons, stars, and planets these days so we made a simple crescent moon & stars hanging craft. Help your child make a Moon & Stars hanging craft for their bedroom. This craft is fun and oh so easy to make. You can also incorporate bedtime storybooks into your craft like we did. Below you will find all the things you need to get started with your craft and we will also share with you the books we chose to read with our craft. We like easy stuff so you should have all the supplies already in your home. Have fun!

moon and stars hanging mobile craft