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Healthy Chocolate Dipped Apple Slices Recipes

chocolate covered apple slices I’ve known about the paleo diet for a while now but never really thought I could stick to it. Surprisingly my husband and I have been eating a “nearly” paleo diet except for a few cheat meals for a month or two now. My husband has lost 20+ lbs so far on the diet combined with daily exercise.

Ten Simple Tips for Moms To Get Healthier & Fit

With swimsuit season just around the corner, and New Year’s resolutions already half forgotten I thought it would be a great time to share with you these truly simple tips to get healthier and more fit. These tips do not require any elaborate crazy workouts, no gimmick/fad diets and no crazy expensive gym memberships. They do however involve real changes and real consistency in order to succeed. It really is simple but You have to want to change. I love the quote below so I used my photo and added the quote to it. If you like it I hope you will share it and Pin it! It’s a great quote to re-read everyday for motivation!  With two kids and a very busy life, I follow these tips as much as I can. I’m 36 years old and have never had trouble with weight but this year I am working on toning up and hopefully getting ab muscles before swimsuit time!

 motivational quote for health and fitness

How To Make Homemade Protein Bars + No-Bake Recipe

proteinbar1My husband has been asking me to make homemade protein bars because the store bought ones are not only expensive but contain too many artificial ingredients. We’ve both been working out a lot, and protein bars are a tasty way to get in some extra protein. Did I mention they are chocolate?

A couple of days ago I made my first batch of homemade protein bars. I made the easy no-bake version. They were a hit with my soon to be 11 year old son and my husband. They were not a hit with me. Something about them were lacking. Today I altered my recipe slightly and this time the protein bars tasted much better. Below you will read how to make homemade protein bars that do not require any baking. This recipe is full of chocolate pieces and peanut butter. This is NOT an allergy-friendly recipe but I hope to come up with a recipe for my other son who is allergic to almost everything. While you enjoy this recipe, I’ll be working on that.

Six Specific Steps To Help You Lose Weight In The New Year

A New Year’s Resolution that always seems to make the top ten list is losing weight. When we make our New Year Resolutions, we often sabotage ourselves by having broad goals. This year, narrow your focus. Break your goals into manageable steps. Make one or two or these steps your New Year’s Resolution.