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What is Your Favorite Thing About Fall?

I love every season that we experience here in Kentucky but Fall has a special place in my heart. What do you look forward to during the fall? What is your favorite thing about Fall? Here are a few of our favorite things:

Mother’s Day Flower Craft: Foam Flower Handprint Tree

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Here’s a cute and simple flower craft for kids (great for toddlers and up) to make their Moms. My 7 year made this one yesterday as an early Mother’s Day craft since we will be on vacation during Mother’s Day 2012.



Our Easter Tree & How To Make Your Own Frugal Easter Tree

I’ve seen cute Easter trees in magazines, simple eggs on trees in people’s yards, and extravagant ones for sale in several stores. Instead of spending a bunch of extra money on a pre-made tree, my 7 year old son and I made our own. It cost $2.00. Granted, it is simple but our tree is still a very cute centerpiece on our kitchen table. Read on to see our tree and how you and your child can make your very own Easter tree.

Coffee Filter St. Patrick’s Day Homeshool Craft: A Shamrock!

makingshamrocksSince St. Patrick’s Day is  less than two weeks away, we did a coffee filter shamrock craft for our 1st grade homeschool art class. This art & craft project  was super easy and perfect for kids ages 3 and up.

Valentine’s Day Crayon and Wax Paper Hearts Craft

waxpaperheartsmobileEvery February we try to come up with a new Valentine’ Day crafts to make. Last year we made the Valentine’s Construction Paper Flower craft and the year before that we made a Paper Heart Name craft.

This year I wanted to get away from construction paper and try something a bit different but still easy so we used wax paper and crayons. We ended up making wax paper hearts. Then we hung the hearts as a mobile.

Do-It-Yourself Valentine’s Mini Photo Session For Your Baby/Child

vprop2Want to do something different this year for your kids on Valentine’s Day? How about an experience rather than a gift? This is the second year that I’ve done a Valentine’s Day themed photo shoot for my kids. Now I’m not suggesting you go to an expensive photographer to get portraits done. Instead, I’m suggesting that you take some time and do the photos yourself. Getting cute print-worthy portraits with your own camera isn’t as hard as it sounds. I promise.

Camera Equipment & Camera settings:

I use a Nikon DSLR specifically the Nikon D90 (for now) but you can use just about any camera if you get the settings and composition just right. I’ve even seen some amazing iPhone photos. So it mostly depends on you not the camera at least for now.