Cute Fall-Themed Paper Bag Owl Craft

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. It’s always nice  to be able to use some of this beauty for your Fall crafts.  Recently I was looking for a kid’s owl craft that involved things from the outdoors  to create with my boys since owls are cute, mysterious, and in the realm of spooky creatures. Anyway, I came across this Paper Bag Owl craft and decided to use part of it along with this other Paper Bag Owl Puppet Craft from DLTK Kids to create our Paper Bag Owl Craft. It turned out really cute and the boys love their Owl! It also doubles as a Fall decoration. You could even string up a few on a makeshift clothesline in an entryway for a unique and ultra frugal Fall/Autumn decoration. Continue reading to see a photo of our craft below!

Supplies You Need:


printer paper



markers, crayons, or colored pencils,

fall-colored tree leafs


black construction paper

brown paper bag

Paper Bag Owl Craft Instructions:

Step 1: color and cut out the owl template from DLTK kids. You only need the first part of the template for this version of the craft.

Step 2: cut out a black piece of construction paper for the top part of the owls head. See picture below for more details on what it should look like.

Step 3: collect fall leaves. Make sure they are dry. Once they are dry you can put glitter on them then attach the leaves as the Owl’s wings with tape.

Step 4: glue on the template pieces where they belong and decorate however you choose.

Here’s What Our Owl Looks Like:


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