Easy & Cheap Halloween Ghost Crafts + Decorations

ghostcraftThere are lots of fun ways that you can make ghosts for Halloween. Here are two super cheap and easy ideas for making homemade ghosts to be used as decorations. You can hang these ghost in the house, outside or even in trees around your house. These crafts are easy and very cheap to make because most families already have these supplies lying around their homes.

Cheap “mini” Halloween Ghost Craft #1

What you will need: tissues, white or black yarn, black marker. You should have most (if not all) of these items at home.

Take a tissue and stuff it with enough tissues to create a ghost head then twist it and tie the neck with a piece of yarn. Put the final touches on the tissue ghost by drawing scary eyes, nose, and mouth.

Cheap Halloween Ghost Craft #2

What you will need: white balloons, white garbage bags, yarn/string, and a black marker.

Blow up your balloon then cover it with a long white garbage bag. Tie it with yarn to create a ghost shape. Cut along the bottom to make the garbage bag flow like a ghost. Then decorate the face in spooky & creative ways.

Light bulb Ghost Craft #3:

What you will need: burnt out light bulb, acrylic white & black paint, paintbrush, decorative accessories

Paint the light bulb white and then paint on various spooky or cute ghost faces on them.  You can tie a string to them and hang as ornaments or you can paint several different light bulbs and place them in a festive basket.  Here’s an example of a Halloween ghost light bulb that you can purchase.

Other really neat ghost craft ideas:

egg carton Halloween ghost craft

glass jar halloween ghost craft (probably the coolest craft I’ve seen thus far this year)

tin can halloween ghost craft

lollipop halloween ghost craft

paper cup halloween ghost craft

cd halloween ghost craft

paper plate ghost

I hope you enjoyed the ideas we shared with you. If you have any ghost craft ideas I’d love it if you’d share them in the comments section so we could share them with everyone!

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