Milk or Water Jug Easter Bunny Craft + How To Make Your Own

milkjugbunnycraft Easter is just around the corner which means We will be sharing a bunch of our favorite Easter and Spring themed crafts with you during the upcoming weeks. These are great for homeschool art/craft class too! Get your supplies AND kids ready for today’s Easter bunny milk jug craft!

What You Need To Make This Craft:

1 gallon plastic milk or water jug
construction paper
printer paper and printer or you could cut out the bunny ears on your own with white and pink construction paper
blue and black construction paper
cotton ball
pink marker
orange or brown pipe cleaners

How To Make Your Own Milk Jug Easter Bunny:

1. Cut the top part of the jug off. Use the photo above as a reference.

2. Print out, color, and cut out bunny ears. We used these ears from DLTK kids.

3. Glue the ears on the jug.

4. Draw and cut out blue eyes and black dots to put inside the eyes.

5. Glue the eyes on the jug.

6. Color a cotton ball pink with a pink marker then glue it on the milk jug.

7. Bend and shape two pipe cleaners into the shape of whiskers and glue them on to the jug. We had a hard time getting these to stick so I held the whiskers on a second time near a space heater to get them to stay on.  You could also use a blow dryer. Draw a mouth on with a marker.

8. You are done. You could add some fake grass and eggs and use this as a cute decoration or you could make a handle for it and use it as a basket. My son is using his to carry around some of his favorite Hot Wheels cars.

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