Getting Tangles Out of My Toddler’s Hair

Toddler Bad Hair
Does anyone know how to really get tangles out of a toddler’s hair? Seriously. I mean without traumatizing them. I bought the L’Oreal detangler for kids and it’s just not working. My child has thin wiry hair as you can see from the above photo and nothing is working. I want to cut his hair. The hubs does not. So we need some kind of solution here. He goes around with this hairstyle on a daily basis. I’m sure people think we don’t clean or comb his hair but we do. Well, we clean it and TRY to comb it but combing usually resorts to him running away screaming because of the tangles. I guess we can just consider him to be in style…

And, yeah, I’m on a roll here. I seem to have lots to blog about lately. That and now I have so much more free time on my hands. I’m making the best of it by working on and improving all of my websites and getting up to date on all my emails and everything that has been put on the backburner lately. I might even start one or two new ones…hmmm…like I have the time…

*updated* Plus, and I’m rambling here, this is my only form of communication at the moment…LOL. As I’ve said before, we don’t live near family. I have no real friends here. Sure, I can call and talk on the phone to the fam. Anyway, I tried making a few friends when we moved here and I made one friend but then both of us moved again and now I’m down to no friends here again and it’s not easy to make friends since I don’t go to work and my kids are not in school. I talk to other parents occassionally when we go places or when my son is involved in sports but no acquantences have turned to real friendships. Not that I’m unhappy about it because I haven’t met someone that I have a lot in common with. Let’s face it. I’m different. Oh well, maybe I’ll make a friend here soon. And, just to mention this, online friends are real friendships too and I used to talk to some friends online but not so much anymore since I got really caught up in being busy and that’s just how I am. I never ignored anyone or thought I was above anyone. I’m not that person. I just prioritized my time differently for my family.

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