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2007 is here and how about starting it off with a controversial HOT topic? A topic that has made its rounds through the blogosphere in the last month or so, specifically here and here.

Last night while browsing through my site stats, “hot moms” and “free hot moms” were one of the frequent key phrases I found and so I thought, yeah, somebody (several somebodys in fact, hopefully somebodys that look like Clive Owen or Bratt Pitt otherwise its sort of creepy) likes hot moms. So, as it seems, hot moms or dare I say, MILFs( if you still don’t know what this acronym means then please click here), are a big deal these days. Who would have thought?

In all realness here, if anyone said they didn’t want to be considered “hot” “attractive” or insert your word of choice here by their husband, significant other, or a random stranger, I’d have to believe that they were lying. Lying, why? I don’t know.

Seriously what’s wrong with being considered a “hot mom”. Sure, its hard to feel sexy sometimes as a mother and especially while pregnant, at least in my own experiences. And, sure sexiness sort of goes out the window with motherhood. I mean, seriously, on most days how could we possibly feel sexy/hot/MILF-y? BUT there are times when we get to be all of that and more and it feels good. Who cares what anyone else thinks, if I want to feel hot or like being called a MILF, what does it matter to you and really, who is it hurting? There are so many more important things to be discussing or worrying about.

Remember Diane Lane in Unfaithful? Holy Crap. That has to be one of the sexiest movies ever and she played a stay at home mom, right? In her specific sexual scenes, did we think of her as a mom or as a woman? I’m venturing to guess that “mom” was not in anyone’s thoughts. People need to realize that we have an identity outside of being a mom. Would it be better if WILF (woman) was used or GILF(girl)? Is the problem specifically when the word mom is used along with the other words? What is it really? Because I don’t get it. Who doesn’t want to be HOT? Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves?

Oh, and for those of you not in the know, I started a Hot Mom Contest on my main website, in March 2005 and I blogged about it here, 2005 Hot mom contest. We received lots of entries in the beginning but not a whole lot of sponsorships so it was temporarily put on hold. It will be brought back this year. I hope you will enter.

Tomorrow, if I can get him to participate, the hubs will be guest posting on this very topic. Stay tuned…

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