Our Homeschooling Curriculum & Schedule For ’09-10

In the past I haven’t shared much about our homeschooling adventures simply because I haven’t had the extra time. However, this year I’d love to give you a glimpse into our daily life of homeschooling especially since so many of you have asked what it’s like to both homeschool and work from home. One thing is fore sure – there is never a dull moment once school time arrives! It is anything but ordinary ;)

Deciding on sharing this coincided perfectly with Darcy’s Not Back To School Blog Hop. Yes, I’m actually participating in a blog hop. This is a first for me I think!

I will be homeschooling a 2nd grader (Mini Cousteau age 8) and a preschooler (Future Brad Pitt just turned 5) starting hopefully on August 17th. So far, in our 1 1/2 years of homeschooling we’ve taken an eclectic approach. I’ve taken pieces of child-directed, Charlotte Mason, Traditional, and Montessori styles of homeschooling and have made something of my own. I really want to create a learning environment that is relaxed, fun, and enriching! Basically we do what works for us and that can change at anytime. We’ve never bought a curriculum and don’t plan on doing that anytime soon. For now, I’ve bought various workbooks, board games, card games, toys, arts & crafts supplies, tons of books that I know my boys will love to read, and a few used text books to be used for each of our core subjects required by our state (KY). Our total cost of everything has been less than $200 so far. I’m sure as we take field trips, go on our annual nearly month long beach vacation, and try out new crafts + activities this figure will go up but I wanted to include this so you could get an idea of how you can homeschool on a budget.

Mini Cousteau will be doing the following subjects for 2nd grade:

Spectrum Little Critter Language Arts Grade 2

Scott Foresman Spelling Grade 2


Lots of relaxed reading and being read to

Social Studies Grade 3 – learning through living/holiday celebrations plus a textbook ( can’t give you the name since I haven’t purchased one yet)

School Zone Geography workbook Grade 3, puzzles, movies, and games

Spectrum Little Critter Math Grade 2

McGraw Hill Science Grade 3

Physical Education/Health

Computer Skills/Graphic Design/blogging/business

Arts & Crafts

As for Future Brad Pitt, his learning will be largely pretend play, unstructured learning, arts + crafts, lots of reading and some alphabet/phonics activities. My biggest goal with him is to teach him how to read this year.

We will most likely start at 9 am and finish up by 1 pm. As far as our schedule goes, I haven’t decided on that 100% yet. Here is a tentative look at our schedule. Note: This all gets thrown out the window if something comes up or we are having a bad day.

6:30-9:00 wake up, have coffee, check email, work for a few hours, prepare for the day.
9:00-9:20 Breakfast
9:20-9:40 Calendar, Journaling
9:40-10:00 Social Studies
10:00-10:20 Math
10:20- 10:40 Spelling
10:40-11:00 Arts/Crafts/Games
11:00-11:20 lunch
11:20-12:10 Reading (Being read to while eating outside or on our couch plus reading quietly to oneself)
12:10- 12:35 Language Arts
12:35-1:00 Science
1:00-3:00pm is for make-up work, chores, physical education, play time, computer class, outside activities, etc. while I finish up my work for the day.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat. Join me next week in week #2 of the Blog Hop and you’ll get to see our “school room”.

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