This Is Why I Haven’t Updated

Halfway through January we decided to pull our 10 year old son out of public school.  He’s now being homeschooled again and we will continue that until he’s ready to go back to public school if at all.  Some quick history… he’s been homeschooled since his 2nd semester of kindergarten. At the beginning of 4th grade he had to enroll in public school in order to continue playing football.  Unfortunately the  state of KY decided against the “Tim Tebow” bill which would have allowed homeschooled kids to play on local public school sports teams. Apparently everyone really doesn’t want what is best for the kids.  Coincidentally, there was a NYT article on Homeschooling & Public School sports that came out a couple days ago. It’s a good read if you have time to read and go through the comments. Anyway, this issue is for another time and post

So not only do I now homeschool two kids again, I also run a part time photography business as well operate several websites on a daily basis. My husband also runs a business from home and he does all of the backend stuff for me. Yes, we are all at home all the time together. Surprisingly our kids prefer this lifestyle. Well, I guess it isn’t surprising because this has been their lifestyle since they were 4 and 1 years old.

This is why I haven’t updated. This is why you haven’t seen any new 365 project photos from me nor are you  likely to see a daily photo from me in the near future. I’m hoping I can do one or two photos a week because I really want to document this year in photos. Right now I can’t commit to taking and blogging a photo every single day when I have 500 other things to get done not to mention 2 amazing boys that need me for what seems like every waking moment. :)

I consider myself lucky to be writing this post right now.

Amanda Compton

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  1. Sounds to me like you have your priorities in the right place. :-)

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